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Author Topic: Sunday the 14th of July  (Read 1503 times)


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Re: Sunday the 14th of July
« Reply #15 on: July 14, 2019, 05:47:25 PM »
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dave Amazing.................Dennis

Actually, this is really easy to do.  (1) prime the mortar color.  (I used grey for these, I've also used white or cream.)  (2) get some 'stone colored' craft paints (I used light tan, beige, orangey-brown, light blue-grey and medium-dark grey).  Get some make-up wedge sponges.  (3)  Put some paint on a plastic lid (mine came from a can of coffee).  Add a little bit of water and mix it up.  (4) put some paint on the edge of a make-up wedge, wipe some of it off on a paper towel (like you do with a brush for dry-brushing.)  LIGHTLY rub the sponge over the wall.  With each color, I vary the direction I move the sponge,( back-and-forth, diagonally, vertically and even in circles.)  The idea is to get the paint on the top of the stones, but not into the mortar cracks. 

It's a really easy technique.  It works particularly well on NE Brownstone castings because the mortar lines are deeply cut.  You can do this on brick siding, but you have to have a much lighter touch to keep the paint out of the mortar lines. 

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