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I built a Timberline kit I had in the stash.
The Hardware store:

An old kit with some small faults.

I had to true up the walls, as they were leaning and too wide.

The shop windows, built from wood strips and plastic castings were a challenge as the templates were wrong and the windows too wide to get a good fit....
But it turned out pretty good.
I added the awning as I didn't plan to have a lot of interior in this one.

Needs some details, then it's finished.

           Allllllllrighty then!  impressive work my friend. Looking forward to your next fascinating  work.  Thanx Thom...
:D ;D

Why do you soak the rocks with the ModPodge?  To give the pigments something to stick to?

No, after coloring the rocks with the pigments, I seal them with Modpodge before adding the dark wash.
Otherwise the dark wash colors all of the rocks, not just the crevices like I want it to.

Painted the new rockwork today.
WS pigments.
I have now soaked the surface with diluted Modpodge so I can add the black/raw umber wash.


Had some time to spare today.

I've painted part of the fascia, it looks so much better in black. 

Done a bit more rockwork as well. I use ordinary plaster in aluminum foil.

Then I found an oil pump on Thingiverse that I printed on my resin printer last night. I'll see if it can be motorized.

There's a lot more to do on the layout.

Thanks Karl!
I made a bridge for the road to the tunnel.
3D printed sides and cardboard/wood subframe.
I've just graveled the road, so the bridge is a little wet ...

Sylvan car I also built recently.

I made a retaining wall out of Depron foam that I scribed with a pencil before painting it with gesso and some paint.

I glued it in place with hot glue.

I surrounded it with my homemade Sculptamold.

I made some utility poles today.
It's an Auhagen kit.

I installed them temporary on the layout.

I will add E-Z line later.


Tested the new turnout control. I'm really satisfied.

I installed the new lights over my layout today.
I use 6 W LED bulbs with 2 feet gaps in between them.

It's a LOT brighter now!

Hello Graffen,

Beautiful work on your layout! It's hard to see but it looks like there is mortar between the stones on the foundation on your 2 stall engine house. It that's correct could you tell how you did it? I'm building one now and would like to add mortar.

Thanks!  :)
Yes, it's mortar. I use tiling grout. Works great. Just glue the stones to the backing, and the spread the thin mixed grout. Wipe off with a damp sponge.

I installed lights in more of the buildings and connected them on the layout.

Now I'll have to see what else needs lights.

Installed lights in some of the buildings today.

The General store.

The Pool hall.

The Bordello.

It is great with LED lights.

Thanks Karl!   :D
Some new pics.

C-25 at the engine house.

K-27 filling water.

The town of Holy Cross.

The mining company presidents residence.

I've started on the trees.

Definitely going to need a LOT of trees for the layout....

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