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Dioramas / Re: The M-K & Eastern RR, a layout made of dioramas, sort of....
« on: November 03, 2019, 03:34:01 AM »
The town of Holy Cross needed a turntable at the engine terminal.
So I decided to build my own 75 foot turntable from plans.
I haven't followed the plans 100%, but almost...
I designed the pit in CAD and 3D printed it in three interlocking parts.
The track around it is in a small trench in the print. I haven't even glued it yet as it fits so good.
The bridge is all wood.
There's some details left to do as the stay wires and the drive system.

Spruce/fir trees 2.0
Faller's fir trees are really not at all good looking, but with a few minutes of work their appearance can be much improved.
I use Polak model turf and some spray adhesive for this project.

They are very coarse as they are...

I trim the armatures to avoid the cone shape.

Less is more...

I applied some spray glue and two layers of turf.

This group of five trees took me 10 minutes to do, a time that can be reduced severely if made in a series.
I have over 1000 trees to do, so any savings of time and money are very welcome.

I set it on the layout.

Can look good when scenery and detailing is done.

I just finished a coal bridge for my layout.

As it's a laser cut kit, I decided not to use a wash to color the wood, instead I painted it.

I used Vallejo IDF gray primer.

I then applied an oil based wash from AK.

The crane got weathered by various rust colors and powders.
Then some gloss oil spill.

This will be a nice addition to the engine service facilities.

You take what you have on hand... 😉😀 
I needed to install DCC and sound in a K-27.
So I found a sound decoder in an old locomotive.

A 21-pin ESU V4.

I took out the circuit board to avoid having to solder new contacts on the decoder.
I manufactured phosphor bronze pickups for the locomotive.

I also replaced the gearbox cover with a piece of circuit board laminate.

The decoder did not fit straight into the tender, so I 3D printed an angled holder.

Made some more on the town of Holy Cross on my layout.

Made a road tunnel.

The tunnel to the staging.

My rendition of the Silver spur mine.

The church.

I'm slowly getting there.

Thanks!  ;D
My solution of current pickup on brass locomotives. 

They pick up one pole on one side of the locomotive and the other in the tender. 
And it's via spring blocks .... It doesn't work well on digital. 
I replaced the gearbox cover with a piece of circuit board laminate. 
There is not enough space on the underside, so I had to sand the laminate 1 mm. 
The holes next to the gear are filled with epoxy for strength. 
The pickups are phosphor bronze which has a small spring coil made by wrapping the wire around a 0.7 mm drill bit. 
The power cables are soldered to the old pickup points. 
Now you have full power pickup on the locomotive, now the tender trucks will receive the same treatment.


The portal is installed and the tunnel tracks got cinders.

The hidden staging tracks are finished as well. Only the servos left to install

Painting of my tunnel portal. I used Vallejo's "Old & new wood effects" color kit.

IDF gray.

Painted concrete lightly and then random boards in IDF sand gray.

Some boards painted light brown.

Dry brushed with ivory sand.

More dry brush with IDF sand gray.

Dark gray wash all over.

Airbrushed soot with weathered black.

Tunnel portal in wood.

Instead of staining the wood, I'll paint it to look like wood. This was due to the strange veins in the wood which did not look good with stains.

I use Vallejo's wood weathering kit. In the pictures I only just primed it with IDF-grey primer.

Thanks for the inputs.

Tunnel liner made of Shaper sheet.

Hey Graffen:

Looks nice though. Is there A way you could darken it just A bit?

Yes, I think I'll add a wash of gray with a bit of raw umber.

I'm trying to match some photos I have of the Colorado mountains.
The color lightened a bit when it dried.

I test painted a mountain...
I use regular acrylics and WS earth pigments.

First an ochre wash.

Then a light wash of burnt sienna.

And finally (?) gray stone earth pigments.
As it is supposed to look Colorado-ish, I hope this is the way to go.
It will lighten when dry.
Then some dry brushing.

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